Sunday, December 18, 2011

Omaha, NE

Line of the trip: “You’re turning me on” said by Ethan, portraying a lamp, addressing the lamp in the Abraham’s living room during a game of ‘Party Quirks’ while our make-your-own pizzas were baking in the oven. But the USY Pizza Party/Jewish Improv Games night was only one of many highlights this weekend. The amazing horn player at Friday night services at Beth El Synagogue was right out of a New Orleans jazz club. And dinner on Friday night was of course full of perfect food and great company (with a special shout out to Ozzie Nogg and her AMAZING book!). And God of Our Fathers was a lot of fun this afternoon. A great Omaha crowd came out to see the show, including some old friends from Memphis and my friend Rachel Shukert's mom! And we ended the night by watching ‘Margin Call’ which is a smart, well-directed film with a great cast. The perfect gig. Thanks, Shira and Steve!